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Hey there -I'm Emma

I believe turquoise is a girl’s best friend, a good dog on the ground is worth three in the saddle, and strongly believe in taking nothing but pictures while leaving nothing but footprints.

Ever since I was 13 years old, I knew I wanted to be a photographer. My Careers class teacher in junior high would not let me choose “photographer” as a career to write a paper about because I “wouldn’t make it”. If you know me, that was all the fuel I needed. My dad purchased a Canon Rebel T3i for me for Christmas that year and the rest is history. My dad tells me his best purchase he ever made was that camera.

meet your 3rd wheel.

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I am constantly searching and planning my next adventure. I love to catch flights and increase the number on my odometer. Climb mountains. Roam beaches. My soul is always exploring and searching for the next exploration. I have been in the middle-of-nowhere Utah and slept in a tipi when it was 18 degrees outside. One of the most exhilarating times of my life I will never forget. My husband and I also took a trip to Glacier, Tetons, and Yellowstone National Parks and camped in the back of my 4Runner. Talk about fun. Seriously, my soul had never felt more alive. My favorite thing is going where I’ve never been.

let's get personal.

While I love exploring and traveling, my husband is my home. We have been growing up together since 2014 (high school sweethearts) and married in 2022. We were both members of the 4-H club and both active in the FFA. He is a third generation crop farmer. I came from a beef cattle background. I can ride a horse, halter break a calf, drive a tractor and back a trailer.

When I am not behind a camera or a laptop, I can be found vacuuming my 5 dogs' hair: Winston (corgi), Georgia (corgi), Laramie (corgi), Tecova (corgi), and Sophie (anatolian shepherd/livestock guardian dog). I enjoy listening to and collecting old vinyls, antique shopping for my home decor, thrifting my clothing, going to concerts, baking, or riding side by sides down the back roads.
Tell your dog I said hi.

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 P.s. – If you hire me for your wedding, there is a 99.9% chance I will be on the dance floor.

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Let's travel - here's my bucket list.

Come as you are. Let me tell your story.
Based in Southern Indiana, always down to travel. My job is to freeze these moments in time that tell your story for you to cherish but also make you comfortable in your vulnerable space of loving one another. I want you to have the prettiest pictures but I also want you to have the raw, real, and emotion that comes with them for a lifetime. Let's adventure, together.

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